1) List the neighborhoods and neighborhoods you want to live in

Where you want to live in a city is not a request that you usually feel independent of the means of transport. Most people, except for exceptions, would want to sit close to city centers or transportation axes. Exceptions are those who usually work from home or want to stay away from the rumble of the city. These demands and possibilities are changing from city to city. The choice of someone who will take home in Istanbul, Aydin, Samsun or Diyarbakir will be home. While you may be more free in the neighborhoods and neighborhoods where you want to live in non-metropolitan cities, you have to evaluate your work, your school’s school, your shopping, your cinema and your centers of interest wherever you are. It is important to keep in mind that there are always centers in which prices are increasing. If you want to sit around here but this option is challenging for your budget, check the walls of these centers. Many people espouse this option, but some neighborhoods whose name is not so well known may not have been raised yet, as prices have not yet been learned. So you can get a two-room house a bit far from the home price of a room with the most popular location. You might like it even more because it will be quieter. Investigate these neighborhoods thoroughly and make a list and try searching for a home by focusing on them.

2) Ask yourself that question: “What a big house?”

We talked about determining your home need by the number of people to live, but of course, if your budget allows it, it is possible to get a seaward, as in this example, which was restored by Parlakfikirler. You can buy a three- or four-room house for the comfort of two people, of course, even for two people. These two separate people can have their own private areas, study rooms, maybe workshops, a cinema viewing room or a sports room. But remember, if you want to make a home renovation or decorations, the higher the square meter the more your expenses will increase. Sometimes it is something you might prefer to decorate a small house in a more elegant and convenient way. You can buy a big house as you need and you may have to buy a small house. In this case, it is possible to find ways to make small houses useful. 

3) Choose Which Style is represents you

The style of the building where your house is located can be something you cannot interfere with when buying a house. Of course, if you are buying a detached house you have the option to make your own according to your own style. But in apartments this is a little more difficult. It’s hard to like both the style of the building, its location and the interior. I’m afraid everything’s not all about it. However, it is possible to find a bargain home and bring any style close to you when you have the chance to completely renew.

4) Where and with which tools do you need to call home?

The tools available for searching for a house are in an increased state. Advertising sites on the internet in this respect, as a real estate, both real estate agents and those who want to sell their own home offers a lot of options with photos. Of course, this may be a bit confusing for those who are not used to searching for a home. Therefore, we recommend that you first keep your home search process longer. Remember that the hurry gets involved in a hurry. For a long time, just do research on the internet, both neighborhoods and homes. You don’t have to go to the house you see, but you can ask some questions by phone. The most logical thing is to enter these sites frequently and examine the advertisements in the neighborhoods that you have listed before. Attractive opportunities are sold immediately, so you should look often. Another suggestion is to consult a professional. Realtors may not be the closest dpst of this issue, but many new homes need renovation. Therefore, you can go to a small architecture office and explain your needs. They can do the research for you and then make the necessary modifications. Finding a suitable office for this is important, of course, if you investigate a little around, you can find architects who enjoy small and good jobs. It may be luxury to pay money, but you will not get the same result from a house you have made your own renovation. The cost will not change much.

5) Don’t do that:

It’s not easy to say, but perhaps the sites that need to stay the most far away. More precisely the sites approach with a little skepticism. Living on a site with no city and neighborhood texture can be very isolated for you. Sometimes it may seem tempting to have a green space for children, a more comfortable and new apartment as well as pros and relatively low prices to be located on quite distant sites. In this respect, we recommend you to be at least questioning. Sometimes things don’t look like the ads.